China Valves Technology Inc.(CVVT) adopts multi-plant and collaborative production management. CVVT has 6 wholly-owned subsidiaries by February 2013. They are……


Technical Innovation is one of CVVT’s core business philosophies. CVVT is the only China National Grade Enterprise Technology Center in China Valve Industry and have 398 technical staff by December 2012……


Quality is the life of an enterprise. In CVVT, quality is one of the core business philosophies. High quality products benefited from quality commitment and quality control system……


CVVT valves are found in a wide variety of industries, such as nuclear power, fossil power, hydropower, oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical, water treatment, mining & metal industries……

Fully Welded G Type Ball Valve
Bolted Bonnet Ball Valve(Forged Steel)
Fully Welded District Heating Ball Valve
Pressure Seal Gate Valve(Forged Steel)
Pressure Seal Gate Valve(Cast Steel)
Pressure Seal Globe Valve
Double Flanged Butterfly Valve(Long Body)
Rubber Lined Butterfly Valve
Butterfly Valve for Hydropower Station
Butterfly Valve for Pumping Station
Spherical Valve
24-way rotory valve